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I'm an assistant professor of neuroscience at Washington State University in Vancouver, where I use tiny zebrafish (the size of an eyelash!) as a model system to study human hearing loss and how we can prevent it. I'm also a long-time Toastmaster and I teach communication workshops. This blog represents the merging of my two passions - science and communication, which has really become one central passion - the science of communication. There's a revolution in science right now...the idea that we scientists should sometimes leave the lab and talk about what we do, and why we do it, to real people. This blog looks at why we should do this, and how to actually talk about science with non-scientists (and with each other!). Portions of this blog are also featured on Qualia, the AAAS MemberCenter blog site.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great Seattle public science series!

Looking for great examples of effective public communication of science?  Or perhaps you just want to learn something new without delving into a specialty scientific journal?  Either way, check out the Engage Science Seminar Series, offered this year as part of the Seattle Science lecture series.

Looking for more tips and thoughts on science communication?  I promise to return to my usual non-regular blogging schedule soon!

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